It's been said that the people that make the biggest impact are those that do the little things consistently. In honor of Earth Day this April 22nd, consider these small changes that will actually save you money while making a difference for nature. 

  1. Go paperless - If you have an email address and a computer or table at home, there's really no need for paper bills being sent to you each month. Opt for paperless billing and take advantage of your bank's online bill pay to save money on stamps and put a little dent in the 35 million trees cut down each year in the US for paper
  2. Wash with Cold Water & Line Dry - Did you know your washing machine uses the most of its energy on getting water hot? Washing with cold water and line drying your clothes reduces your carbon footprint by over 2500 lbs a year!
  3. Library Love - E-readers and pretty cheap nowadays and your local library has a massive selection of content for them. Think of the library as the Spotify of Reading and you'll save a tree (or millions of them) in the process!
  4. LED Lighting - The next time a CFL or halogen light in your house burns out, consider replacing it with an LED bulb. Not only will you save big bucks on your power consumption, you'll only need to replace it every 10 years or so! Even with a slightly larger up front cost, LED lighting makes perfect money sense over the long run.
  5. Reusable Water Bottles - When you replace plastic water bottles with reusable glass or steel bottles, you'll save over $260 a year in bottled water costs, contribute less to plastic waste ending up in the oceans and food chain and reduce the amount of petroleum used in the manufacture of the bottle. It's a win-win-win!