Give your home a little TLC this Valentine's Day with these easy and inexpensive ideas to help transform your space for the holiday or anytime.

  1. Brighten Up a Room with Flowers or Greenery - It may be cliché to suggest flowers for Valentine's Day, but what is stopping you from adding splashes of color any time of the year with fresh or silk flower arrangements? And consider trying a living plant or two to help improve your indoor air quality. Spider plants are great options because they require very little upkeep and have an outsized impact on cleaning the air.
  2. Go Big with Art - You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on paintings or oversized photos to create drama and eye-catching walls when you expand your definition of art. Refurbished windows, wrought iron gates or fence parts can all be hung creatively on a wall to really liven up a room.
  3. Update Worn or Tired Rugs & Curtains - Pack up the old and unwrap the new for any space with updated curtain panels or a new throw rug. You'll be surprised how much impact these often overlooked accessories can have.
  4. Organize a Cluttered Spot - Everyone has a junk drawer or a closet that has gotten out of hand, don't they? Take 15 minutes a day to work on decluttering and organizing that space until the job is complete and from then on, every time you open that drawer or closet, a smile will light up your face at how much easier it is to find things.
  5. Enlighten a Room with a New Lamp - If your main lighting looks like it's circa 1980, you are going to be thrilled with how much updated lighting can transform a room. And don't forget to upgrade to LED bulbs for better energy efficiency.