Tricia Wilson



1551 Wall Street Ste. 140 St. Charles, MO 63303

Theodore Roosevelt said:

“Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care!”

THE WILSON TEAM cares about you and your home! Your home is your most important investment in money, time and emotions. We are keenly aware that it affects every aspect of your personal and family life.  

We built our own home in the St. Charles area 22 years ago after selling the home that our children were born in. It was an incredible process, one that we treasure.  Our home continues to be the center of our life, those children have grown up and now we have Grandchildren to keep it warm and sometimes chaotic.  We understand the process from a personal and professional standpoint.  We want to help smooth your journey through the selling and/or purchasing of your home. 

Knowledge is empowering and we do continual study and research on the changes of the process and market trends of the Real Estate Industry.

Our strengths are:

  •       Our affiliation with SCHNEIDER Real Estate who has been a driving force in the St. Charles Area, in business since 1975! We are approaching 1.2 billion in sales!
  •         Member of The National Association of Realtors
  •         Award Winning Multimillion dollar seller
  •         Noted in St. Louis Magazine for outstanding customer service
  •        Careful Attention to Detail
  •          Property Management
  •         Our area of expertise is St. Charles County and the greater St. Louis Area


We believe Home is where the heart is, let THE WILSON TEAM be the heart of your Real Estate needs!